13 Bold

for NYC

in 2013



The political landscape in 2013 presents a
unique opportunity
to advance a progressive vision for New York City.




By uniting around an agenda

that focuses on building

a livable,

affordable and,

sustainable city

we can promote

Rebuild Our City

Rebuild our city’s public infrastructure through a forward-thinking public works program that invests in NYC, creates good jobs, and makes the City more resilient and livable.

Job Quality

Guarantee paid sick days for all workers and improve the quality of low-wage jobs.

Smart Economic Development

Reduce inequality through smart and accountable economic development.

A Fair Budget

Enact a budget that uses progressive revenue to fully fund essential services.

Public Education That Works

Ensure that all public school students are nurtured, engaged, and prepared.

Early Childhood Development

Create a Department of Early Childhood Development so all children begin school ready to learn.

Climate Change

A model city for confronting climate change by reducing the City’s carbon footprint, investing in mass transit, and increasing reliance on renewable energy sources.

Real Affordable Housing

Address the most pressing needs in NYC’s ongoing affordable housing crisis.

Access To Care

Advance the health and well-being of New Yorkers across the income spectrum.

Police Accountability

Pass the Community Safety Act to improve public safety by creating a culture of police accountability and partnership.

Welcoming Immigrants

Make NYC the world’s most immigrant-friendly city through legal protections and access to city services.

Ending Discrimination

Confront discrimination and segregation in NYC by revitalizing the NYC Commission on Human Rights and prohibiting employment discrimination based on consumer credit history.

Participatory Government

Make NYC government more accountable and democratic by reforming City Council rules and providing more avenues for meaningful public input.
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